04/12/2014 – Pacitan, Java, Indonesia.

Being a true Scooterist in Indonesia is not about simply owning a Vespa. It’s a life choice, movement and at least not last a political expression. This primarily anti-establishement tribe is hard to believe enough nor describe but try to imagine something like muslim punk with slight of Mad Max look road gypsies.
They built their 10+ metres long vehicles of scrap found on streets or hundreds of thousands mechanic shops across Indonesia archipelago, sometimes too hard to believe it could be be driven and to understand what was originally a Vespa scooter. Usually only iconic front chassis and 2-stroke engine remarks it’s origin of Vespa produced in Indonesia under licence since 1967 till early 2000. Often doubled as a mobile or permanent home.
Most of the guys coming to IX. Vespa Randezvous – as are this gatherings called – traveled for days or even weeks to be a part of massive crowd at Pacitan beach located on the south coast of Central Java. They are hundreds of them and even most of them beg for food or cigarettes they never miss the chance to offer you their “amunisi” (ammunition) as they call home destilated palm wine.
Indonesians in general has a strong habit for competitions in wide variety of contests and their Vespas are great opportunity to show off. There are no rules but you can win in a Vespa drag race or present your best modification, more wheels is certainly an advantage.

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